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Frequently asked questions

Ring light flashes then turns off after seconds or do not turn on after the plug.

  • Check whether the USB port is stable.
  • Check whether the output voltage and current is more than 5V 1A.

How to connect Bluetooth Remote Shutter with the phone?

Press the Shutter Button until blue light flashes rapidly. Then go to Bluetooth Setting on your phone, and pair your phone with the "WONEW BR32-BR33".

Ring light get a little hot

The output current is recommended 5V 1~2A, check if it exceed 5V 2A. If yes it will cause the ring light to overload and get hot.

I cannot find the remote shutter for ZJ01 12" ring light

It is in the Side Pocket of the carrying bag (together with User Manual).

Bluetooth cannot be reflected on the phone

Solution 1. Turn off Bluetooth and restart Solution 2. Restart the phone

how to keep ZJ02 10" desktop ring light stay in place.

Must unfold the metal legs to max angle, don't extend to a half place as it might cause falling off.