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Who Are We

The Allan Robert Memorial Fund  comprises a board of Western Australian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry identities.


Our current board comprises:

  • Chairman: Kim Cramer (Director at Reliable Energy Solutions)

  • Secretary: Tony Emmott (Managing Director at Cramer & Neill Refrigeration - Geraldton)

  • Treasurer: Ian Wooten (managing Director at CBD Refrigeration)

  • Board:

    • Andrew Ford (Managing Director, Co-Founder & CEO of Ford & Doonan Air  Conditioning Systems)

    • Lindsay Turner (Managing Director at Airskill)

    • David Lee (Service Manager at Centigrade Services)

    • David Gaunt (Managing Director at Turner Engineering)

    • Graham Boyle (Portfolio Manager - South Metropolitan TAFE)

    • Simon Stanning (R & AC Lecturer - South Metropolitan TAFE)

Our trustees are:

Kim Cramer

Lindsay Turner

Ian Wooten

Andrew Ford

Our board members are all very busy professionals and correspondence and business are usually conducted by email and telephone. The board meets twice annually, with the annual general meeting typically held in October each year.

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